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Septic System Installation

With over 48 years in the septic business, we have the experience required for your septic system installation. A septic system or septic tank installation can vary depending on the type of system and we are prepared to install the type of septic system that makes the most sense for your situation.

What Type of Septic System to Install?

One septic system doesn’t fit all. We will install the type of septic system that’s right for you. Your perfect system will vary depending on your property. Many factors are considered when determining which septic system should be installed on your property including if you’re in a high ground water area or if you’re near any coastal water ways such as a creek or a river.

Aerobic Treatment Units

In low lying area systems you can have an aerobic treatment unit (ATU) installed. The most commonly used ATU’s are the Nayadic system, the Advantex system, and the whitewater system.

Mound Systems

A mound system is generally built out of sand, soil, and gravel. It’s an above ground system that looks like a large mound usually 4 feet high and about 100 feet in length. Typically, a mound is around 30 feet from one side to the other. The mound system is the only septic system that you see above ground other than the aerobic treatment unit.

Below Grade Systems

A below grade system consists of a standard rock hill leach line trench. When these septic systems are installed they typically consist of a pressure distribution system and a rockless leach line system, which is an infiltrator type system. An infiltrator type system is trenched with half domed plastic tubes that are wrapped in filter fabric and then buried. These are normally used in areas with very limited access where you would want to avoid potential damage from packing them in rock.

Geo Flow Systems

Geo flow systems are plowed in or hand dug between 9-12 inches deep and covered under lawn or irregular shaped areas. In front of geo flow systems you have an aerobic treatment unit along with a normal septic tank and usually a pump station to pressurize the geo flow.

What If My Septic System Fails Near a City Sewer Line?

If you’re near a city sewer line and your septic system fails, replacing the septic system is no longer an option and you’ll have to connect to the sewer. This means a trip to the city to apply for a permit to tie into the city sewer and abandon the existing septic tank. Contact us for additional details and to find out how we can help you with this transition.

Septic Installation Project Details

Nayadic System Installation

Sonoma County Residence

Designer: Environmental Engineering

We installed a new septic system for a remodeled 5,000 square-foot home. The new septic system installation consisted of relocating some existing landscaping, installing new concrete septic and sump tanks, installing a new Nayadic ATU, GeoFlow drip disposal field, and an automatic system flushing package.

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Find the Septic System That's Right For You

With more than 48 years experience, we can get you the right septic system for your situation. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Need a Septic Permit?

Contact us to learn how LJ Construction can obtain septic permits for you.

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