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Sonoma County Septic Tank Repairs, Maintenance, and Installation

A malfunctioning or poorly maintained septic system could produce disgusting odors, cause sewage to back up in your home, and even pollute nearby water bodies.

If you’re thinking of repairing or maintaining your septic tank yourself, think again! Septic tank repair, cleaning, and maintenance are dirty and dangerous jobs. Septic tanks contain toxic gases such as methane, ammonia, and nitrogen dioxide. When inhaled in large amounts, these gases could cause breathing issues, asphyxiation, and even death.    

Whether your septic tank has backed up or your dip pipe/baffle is damaged, L.J. Construction can help. We are one of the most trusted septic tank contractors in Sonoma County. Our expertise enables us to identify the root causes of septic tank problems and address them.

Our team of septic tank specialists have years of experience servicing, installing, and maintaining different types of septic tanks. They understand the safety risks associated with septic tank cleaning and maintenance and take all the necessary precautions to prevent potential safety hazards.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to clean septic tanks. These tools allow our technicians to be more efficient with their tasks. Our septic tank cleaning, maintenance, and installation checklists help ensure nothing important is missed and tasks are completed in an orderly manner.

A faulty septic tank repair could lead to further problems or decrease the lifespan of your septic tank doing more harm than good. We are equipped to manage complex septic tank repairs in Sonoma County. Our septic tank technicians do not rush to conclusions. They visually inspect malfunctioning septic tanks and perform various tests to identify the underlying causes of septic tank problems.

We urge every homeowner to make septic system maintenance in Sonoma County their top priority. Regular maintenance keeps your septic tank working at its optimal efficiency and increases its lifespan. It also addresses current septic tank problems before they get worse and prevents potential problems, saving you money and headaches down the road.

L.J. Construction is committed to helping homeowners keep their septic tanks in top shape. Our septic tank technicians have an eye for detail and do not miss subtle signs of septic tank problems. During septic tank maintenance sessions, we repair and/or replace broken or worn parts and thoroughly clean septic tanks to prevent problems before they occur.

Septic system installation in Sonoma County requires skill and expertise. Even a seemingly minor installation mistake could have long-term effects. Our septic tank specialists are equipped to ensure a flawless installation every time. Before installing a septic tank, we come up with an effective plan to prevent costly mistakes and confusion.

L.J. Construction is a leading septic tank contractor in Sonoma County. We offer cost-effective solutions to even the most complicated septic tank problems. To schedule septic tank maintenance in Sonoma County, call our office today.

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