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4 Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

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Your septic tank is an essential part of your septic system. It treats and holds the wastewater generated by your household. Just like other household appliances, it is necessary to add them to the list to regularly maintain. Regularly carry out septic tank maintenance tasks to keep your septic tank working efficiently.

Regular septic tank maintenance can save you money on repairs and headaches. It keeps your septic tank healthy and the surrounding environment and water sources clean. Periodic maintenance also increases the lifespan of your septic tank.

As the leading septic pumping company in Sebastopol, L.J. Construction provides property owners across Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties with the highest quality septic services, including repair and regular maintenance. To schedule an appointment, call (707) 823-0247, or continue reading to learn our top 5 tips to maintain your septic tank. 

    1. Have it Pumped Regularly

Have a professional septic pumping company pump your tank every three to five years. 

The purpose of septic tank pumping is to remove sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. Septic tanks should be ideally pumped before the sludge builds up and blocks the outlet pipe preventing liquids from moving into the drain field. During septic pumping, have the contractor inspect your tank for leaks and examine the lining for any access residue or sludge layers.

    1. Avoid Cleaning Products with Harsh Chemicals

Steer clear of cleaning products with harsh chemicals, as they can kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. 

Instead, use plant-based cleaning products. Do not pour drain cleaners down your drain, as they, in addition to harming the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank, can damage your tank. Toilet bowl cleaners also break your septic tank as they usually contain bleach. Avoid antibacterial soaps that contain ammonia and quaternary.

    1. Use Water Efficiently 

Too much water in your septic tank forces your septic system into overdrive. An overworked system can fail prematurely, leaving you high and dry. 

To prevent problems, and reduce wastewater outtake at home, Replace conventional toilets and shower heads with flush-free toilets and high-efficiency shower heads. Repair leaky faucets as soon as possible and take shorter showers.

    1. Protect Your Drain Field

Do not flush solid waste such as cat litter, feminine hygiene products, and baby care products down your drain, as they can overwhelm your drain field. Never drive over your drain field. Do not place heavy equipment in the area above it.

Your gutters and pumps should empty away from your drain field. Plant trees and shrubs away from it as their roots can penetrate the pipes. Install an effluent filter on the outlet baffle of your septic tank.

Whether you are looking to have your septic system pumped or have an entirely new tank installed, L.J. Construction can help. Our team of trusted professionals can provide the highest quality septic system services  for your project of any size. To learn more about our services, or book an appointment, contact us today at (707) 823-0247.