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The Benefits of Installing a Septic Tank

When it comes to getting rid of the wastewater produced by your household, you have two options: connect your wastewater line to the city’s sewer line or install a septic tank. Many people prefer the latter option over the former, and after reading the rest of this blog article from L.J. Construction, you will see exactly why! 

Septic Tanks Help Save Money

If you connect your wastewater line to the city’s sewer line, you will get a bill every month from the provider. Even if you use energy-efficient appliances, you will pay more than you would have if you had installed a septic tank. With a septic tank, you only pay for regular inspection and maintenance. Moreover, a septic tank usually does not cost more to install than getting hooked up to the city sewer line. 

They Are Good for the Environment 

Every septic system has a drain field and leach to naturally filter out waste before it reaches the soil. By the time wastewater re-enters the water supply, it is devoid of pollutants. Once the water reaches ground level, the organic fertilizers in it nourish your soil. 

Septic Tanks Are Long Lasting 

With proper care and maintenance, a septic tank can last 20-30 years, even a lifetime. If you install the right-sized tank correctly, you may never have to replace it. To keep your septic tank working at its peak efficiency:

  • Have your contractorinspect and maintain it periodically.
  • Avoid putting chemicals and solid waste down your drain. 
  • Use water efficiently in your home. 
  • Use septic tank additives.
  • Avoid parking vehicles and lawnmowers on your drain field, septic tank, or reserve area. 
  • Do not use a garbage disposal.

Types of Septic Tanks 

Some common types of septic tanks include Poly septic tanks, concrete septic tanks, and fiberglass septic tanks. All these types have their pros and cons. Consider the advantages and limitations of the materials you are considering when determining the best material for your needs. 

Concrete Septic Tanks 

Concrete has stood the test of time. It is famed for its durability. When maintained properly, concrete septic tanks can last decades. There are, however, some shortcomings of this type of septic tank. Cracks in a concrete septic tank are relatively difficult to find. Concrete septic tanks are often beyond repair by the time cracks and leaks are discovered. If you want to opt for a concrete septic tank, be prepared to inspect and maintain it more frequently. 

Fiberglass Septic Tanks 

Plastic septic tanks do not crack and rust easily, and usually last longer. A shortcoming of fiberglass tanks is that they are very light and can hence become dislodged quite easily or may get damaged if weight is placed on them. 

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