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5 Common Septic System Myths You Need to Know

5 Common Septic System Myths You Need to Know

A septic system is designed to treat household wastewater. Your septic system plays an important role in keeping your home in a habitable condition. Though septic systems have been around for centuries, several myths about them still do the rounds.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common septic system myths.

If You Use Additives, Your Septic Tank Does Not Need to Be Pumped

Many companies selling septic tank additives claim that their products contain microbes and enzymes that completely break down sewage water, eliminating the need for pump-outs.

Though the enzymes found in an additive can break down a portion of the solids in your septic tank, a layer of solid matter will still be present. Therefore, having a Napa County septic service pump your septic tank regularly is the only way to ensure that indigestible solids do not rise to the level of your tank outlet and flow out to clog your septic system’s leaching pipes.

*A word of caution: Some septic tank additives can negatively affect the bacterial population in your septic tank. Some corrosive chemical additives can cause serious damage to plastic and metal septic tanks and should be used cautiously. 

You Can Put Just About Anything Down Your Drain

Though septic tanks are pretty resilient, it doesn’t mean you can flush anything down your toilet. Solid waste such as cigarette butts, cat litter, grease, fats and oils, and coffee grounds do not break down easily and can clog your pipes. In addition to this, avoid using bleach and strong disinfectant cleaners, as they can upset the bacterial balance in your tank. 

It’s Fine to Build on Top of a Septic Tank

If you build a structure such as a deck, patio, or garden shed on top of a septic tank, your contractor may have difficulty accessing your tank when it needs to be pumped, repaired, or replaced. A structure built over a septic tank can also deprive the soil of oxygen, affecting its ability to properly break down the wastewater entering the drainage field.

A Clogged Septic System Cannot Be Repaired

In many cases, depending on where and why the clog has occurred, a pressure-washing method called jetting can resolve the clog so the system can continue to function at its optimal efficiency. If you are dealing with a major clog or your pipes are made from clay instead of PVC, your contractor will use specialized equipment to prevent damage to your system.

Seeding Your Septic Tank Will Improve Its Performance

Many septic system owners dump pests, a pound of yeast, or some manure down their toilet after having their septic tank pumped. They believe that doing so will promote the growth of good bacteria. This is entirely unnecessary, as flushing regular toilet waste away is enough to kickstart beneficial bacteria growth.

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