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6 Common Septic System Problems & How to Fix Them

6 Common Septic System Problems & How to Fix Them

Your septic system plays an important role in maintaining a hygienic home environment. Unfortunately, septic systems can run into problems every now and then. From incorrect installation to poor maintenance, there are several causes of septic system problems. A malfunctioning septic system is a disaster waiting to happen. It can fail any time of the day or night, leaving you high and dry.

Here are some common septic system problems and their solutions.

Buildup of Solids in the Septic Tank

When a septic system is functioning properly, all solid particles sink to the bottom of the tank while the effluent rises to the top. Please empty your tank regularly to avoid the buildup of solids and prevent the inlet pipe from becoming clogged. To address this problem, your septic tank contractor will pump your septic tank.

Infiltration of Tree Roots 

Tree roots are constantly looking for moisture and nutrients and tend to gravitate to sources of moisture. If there are any trees near your septic tank, their roots can get in through any cracks in it. Tree roots can cause serious, even irreparable damage to your septic tank. They can block the inlet pipes and infiltrate the main tank, leading to septic tank failure.

Cutting away tree roots is not a long-term solution to this problem, as they will simply grow back. To resolve the issue once and for all, septic tank contractors treat infiltrating tree roots with root-eliminating chemicals that kill them in an environmentally friendly way.

Strong Odors

Any odors coming from the area around your septic tank can indicate several problems, including an issue with the soakaway area connected to the tank and solid waste buildup. Odors can also occur when chemicals added to your septic tank kill beneficial bacteria responsible for breaking down the waste in it. Before the situation worsens, have your contractor inspect your septic system.

Septic Tank Overflow

Some common reasons septic tanks overflow are lack of maintenance, declining bacterial population in the tank, and clogged drain lines. If your septic tank is overflowing, stop using your plumbing fixtures and contact your contractor immediately.

Damaged Drain Lines

If you notice that your appliances are not draining properly, but the water level in your septic tank hasn’t changed, you are probably dealing with a broken or collapsed pipe. The sooner you replace a broken pipe, the better.

Septic Tank Blockages

Septic tank blockages are the most common septic system problems. Blockages can occur when you flush solid waste such as vegetable fat, cat litter, and feminine hygiene products down your toilet. Sometimes a blockage can be caused by infiltrating tree roots. Your septic tank contractor will get to the root of the problem and address it.

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