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Tips for Maintaining Your Septic Tank System

Your septic tank is an important part of your septic system. It is responsible for treating and holding the wastewater produced by your household. Regular septic tank maintenance needs to be a household priority. Periodic maintenance prevents septic tank problems and keeps your septic tank in tip-top shape for you and your family.

Well-maintained septic tanks can last decades. Poorly maintained septic tanks, on the other hand, run into problems frequently, can pollute nearby water bodies, and may fail sooner than expected.

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Here are some of our top septic tank maintenance tips.

Pump it. 

Have your contractor pump your septic tank every three to five years. The goal of septic tank pumping is to remove sludge that accumulates at the bottom of septic tanks. You will want to have your septic tank pumped before the sludge can build up and obstruct the outlet pipe, hindering the flow of liquids into the drain field.

When pumping your septic tank, your contractor not only removes the sludge but also checks the tank for any leaks and examines the sludge layers. Regular septic pumping prevents septic tank odors and drain backups and keeps your septic tank healthy.

Protect Your Drainfield From Damage

Avoid putting solid waste such as coffee grounds, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, vegetable fat, and cigarette butts down your drain, as these can reach your drainfield, overwhelming it. Never drive over your drainfield or place heavy equipment in the area above it, as this can cause damage.

Ensure that gutter and sump pump water is discharged away from your drainfield. Plant trees and shrubs far away from the drainfield, since their roots may infiltrate the pipes, damaging them. Consider installing an effluent filter on the outlet baffle of your septic tank for additional protection.

Add Beneficial Bacteria to Your Septic Tank

The bacteria in your septic tank break down the waste in it. To maintain a healthy bacteria population, shock your septic tank with a formulated blend of beneficial bacteria and live enzymes at regular intervals.

Steer Clear of Harmful Cleaning Products

Avoid using drain cleaners and other cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, as they can kill the helpful bacteria in your septic tank and cause serious damage to it. Opt for plant-based cleaning products with natural ingredients instead.

You will also want to steer clear of toilet bowl cleaners containing bleach as well as antibacterial soaps containing harmful ingredients such as ammonia and quaternary compounds, as they can cause serious damage to your septic tank.

L.J. Construction is committed to helping homeowners care for their septic systems so they function properly and last years. Our septic tank technicians have years of experience serving and repairing different types of septic tanks. Need help determining the ideal septic tank pumping frequency? Call (707) 823-0247 today.